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'Without that binding agreement, we would always be at the mercy of Ethiopia to give it today and close it tomorrow. This is why we are asking for a binding agreement based on international law'

Zahran called on the US to support the current mediation attempt led by the AU in order to reach a legally binding agreement on GERD between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to protect security and the stability in the region

'We are ready with several scenarios, with technical and legal plans if Ethiopia moves forward with the second filling without notification,' said Sudan's irrigation minister

Niger is the fifth stop for Shoukry in his current African tour

Shoukry presents on Tuesday official letters to the UN, UN Security Council and UN General Assembly with the latest GERD developments

The remaining unsolved technical issues are not difficult to sort out if a binding agreement is first produced for the unresolved legal points, the Sudanese minister said.

After it was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Egypt’s Spring Flowers Show is back again

Thousands of years after their deaths, Egypt’s ancient Egyptian kings and queens to have a procession in Cairo on Saturday

The delegation is considered the first direct involvement of the Biden administration in the GERD issue.

Ahmed says GERD completion is irreversible

The Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesperson says that his country has not officially received the quartet committee suggestion as of yet

The minister added that the manufacturing of vaccines would start soon, and that Egypt will be a centre for vaccine manufacturing in the Middle East and African regions

Ahram Online is here to answer some of the pressing questions concerning the current state of COVID-19 in Egypt

The official spokesperson of the Ethiopian foreign ministry says that Ethiopia was ready for negotiations

Despite its rejection, Egypt and Sudan renew the call to Ethiopia to approve the international quartet committee suggestion.

Baseera notes that the real numbers could be slightly more or less than its estimations in its conducted survey

The ministers called for a quartet committee composed of the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and United States to mediate between the three African countries over the filling and operating of the GERD

Abyusif, Marwan Moussa and Marwan Pablo among other Egyptian rappers attracted particular light with the Diss Track war of words that erupted the scene

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