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Presidential elections 2012
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Acting spokesman of the Egyptian presidential office stated that news reports Mohamed Morsi would act as prime minister are not true
Mohamed Morsi rose from a small village in the Delta to acummulate international academic degrees and political experience in the powerful Muslim Brotherhood before his election to become Egypt's first-ever civilian president
White House spokesman Jay Carney issued the following statement in response to the election of Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's first post-Mubarak president on Sunday
Interior ministry declares state of 'high alert' countrywide; Police secure urban centres throughout Egypt, fearing unrest following Sunday runoff results
Supporters of Ahmed Shafiq rally in Nasr City, a hot spot for pro-SCAF demonstrations
Islamist group says rumours are aimed at pressuring its candidate Mohamed Morsi into accepting the newly-reduced powers of the presidency
SPEC conutinues to review the appeals of both presidential candidates but, according to sources, Morsi is still in the lead
Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq says he's confident of election victory but calls on supporters to delay celebrations until after official result to avoid clashes
More controversy clouds the presidential vote as Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign says he is leading, despite widespread reports suggesting otherwise
Military council member says the world will witness a huge ceremony of the inauguration of Egypt's soon-to-be-announced president
Former Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, who finished fourth in the 1st round of presidential polls, plans to launch new political party

Speech by Egypt's new president, with its praise for military's role during transition period, disappoints some revolutionaries who have been protesting against the generals since Mubarak's ouster

Egypt's military rulers defend recent changes to 2011 temporary constitution, say President-elect Mohamed Morsi will have 'full presidential powers' when he takes office

Morsi plans to appoint the first ever female and Coptic vice-presidents in a bid towards inclusiveness, an advisor said

Defeated presidential contender Ahmed Shafiq reiterates support for Egypt's revolutionary demands, expresses willingness to hold governmental post under president-elect Mohamed Morsi


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