Egypt revolution live updates: minute by minute account of "Defiance Friday"

Ahram Online, Friday 11 Feb 2011

Ahram Online provides minute by minute live updates of "Defiance Friday", the eighteenth day of Egypt's historic popular uprising

Egypt revolution live updates: minute by minute account of "Defiance Friday"
Opposition supporters attend Friday prayer in Tahrir Square in Cairo February 11, 2011. Photo: REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

6:00 President Mubarak steps down. Armed Forces Higher Council takes power.

5:50 Armed forces spokesperson  arrives at State TV Building.

5:40 Eye witnesses claim Cheif of Staff Sami Anan entered State TV Building earlier.

5:36 AlArabiya TV says reports indicate no less than 20 million Egyptian's in streets protesting.

5:34 NDP Secretary General Hossam Badrawy resigns.

5:32 Police uses tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters in Sohag.

5:21 Preliminary reports suggest four have been killed in clashes between protesters and police.

5:17 Reported armed attack on police headquarters in Arish, according to BBC.

5:13 AlArabiya reports that the armed forces will take control of transition process.

5:10 Thousands more protestors arriving at Presidential Palace from Heliopolis Club and Roxy Square.

5:00 Live interview on Egyptian television: anonymous telephone speaker rants on about the loss of credibiity of state broadcasting.

4:55 NDP Secretary General Hossam Badrawy tells BBC he will announce his resignation within hours.

4:50 Ahmed Fathi Sorour, the People's Assembly speaker, tells Al-Arabiya: Vice-president is not authorized to dissolve the parliament
or change the government.

4:49 AlJazeera reports that 20,000 protesters are marching to their local council in Arish denouncing Mubarak.

4:44 Protestors say two helicopters just landed in Presidential Palace momentarily before taking off again.

4:33 State TV says an important message is to be delivered to the people shortly.

4:24 Finance minister states Suez Canal to remain open.


4:20 According to AFPEgyptian protesters in the north Sinai town of El-Arish exchanged gunfire with police on Friday and hurled Molotov cocktails at a police station, witnesses said, amid nationwide anti-government rallies. About 1,000 protesters broke off from a larger group and headed towards a police station, lobbing firebombs and burning police cars, witnesses said. Several people were wounded in the clashes, but the number was not immediately clear.

4:15 Ahram Online reporter says Presidential Palace area is surrounded by protestors occupying all neighbouring roads.

4:11 Protestors around State TV building swell up to at least 15,000 with still more coming from Tahrir sq and 6 October Bridge.

4:06 Danish premier becomes first European leader to publicly urge Mubarak to step down, saying "Mubarak is history, Mubarak must step down."

4:00 AlJazeera reports that 70,000 protesters in Fayoum are demanding the resignation of Mubarak and Suleiman.

3:55 Egyptian cities with ongoing protests at this moment: Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Damietta, Assiut, Mahalla, Fayoum, Tanta, Damnhur and Sohag.

3:45 The Muslim Brotherhood's English website,, claims that EU human rights groups "confirm Switzerland freezes funds of Mubarak and 20 other officials."

3:28  Three thousands pro-democracy protesters demonstrate in front of El-Oruba presidential palace. Several thousands are now on the way coming from Tahrir through Salah Salem street next to the citadel, according to Ahram Online reporter.

3:24 Tens of Thousands of protesters are surrounding 10 government buildings in Suez according to Ahram Online reporters

3:18 Al-Arabiya TV confirms the arrival of Mubarak and his family at Sharm El Sheikh.

3:12 Wael Ghonim recently posted this on his Twitter account: Dear President Mubarak your dignity is no longer important, the blood of Egyptians is. Please leave the country NOW.

3:10 Confirmed reports that some minor clashes took place between anti and pro-Mubarak demonstrators outside the Presidential Palace.

3:07 Thousands of demonstrators in Assuit protest the president's televised address, call on him to resign.

3:05 Increasing number of unconfirmed reports now saying Mubarak left Egypt for the UAE this afternoon.

2:55 Hackers have hijacked the official website of the Cairo secretariat of the NDP

2:49 Tens of thousands also demonstrating in the Delta cities of Tanta and El-Mahalla.

2:42 Al Jazeera reporting that tens of thousands are also demonstrating in Sharqiya governorate, demanding the resignation of the president.

2:32 An estimated 150,000 protestors in the port city of Domietta are surrounding the police and state security headquarters.

2:20 An estimated 6,000 protestors surrounding State TV building. Many more reportedly still en route.

2:09 AlArabiya TV reports President Mubarak has left or is leaving Cairo, but is unable to confirm destination or significance.

2:05 Protestors coming from Mohandeseen add to their numbers as Zamalek residents join them on the way to Downtown.

1:54 The Muslim Brotherhood have released a statement rejecting Mubarak's and the Vice President's televised addresses.

1:49 Demonstrators in Mansoura are marching away from several mosques towards the governorate's central premises.

1:46 Thousands are marching from Tahrir sq towards the State TV Building and Presidential Palace.

1:40 Mohamed El Baradei just posted this Tweet: Entire nation is on the streets. Only way out is for regime to go. People power can't be crushed. We shall prevail. Still hope army can join.

1:38 Tensions reportedly rising between the army and demonstrators outside the presidential palace.

1:30 Hundreds of thousands of protesters marching toward Rass Al-Teen Palace in Alexandria 

1:25 Al-Arabiya TV is reporting that protesters have taken control of Suez's governorate premises.

1:22 Preliminary reports indicating that airport policemen are staging a sit-in by Cairo aiport demanding better work conditions

1:14 Thousands reportedly marching towards State TV Building from Mohandeseen's Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque.

1:00 Tahrir sq erupts into chanting after prayers end, calling on the president to leave.

12:59 Current secretary general of the NDP Hossam Badrawy to BBC: "Mubarak in practice is no more in power and it's illogical that he will
be back to power."

12:50 Protesters in Tahrir sq finish Friday prayers and commence mass funeral prayers for the 300 or so who died since the uprising.

12:30 Tahrir sq is packed with protesters, Ahram Online correspondent says, estimating numbers to already be in the hundreds of thousands.

12:18 Reports coming in that the Friday preacher in Tahrir Square, Dr. Mazhar Abu El Naga, fell unconscious during his sermon.

12:05 Research director and senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center Amr Hamzaw to Arabiya: We are witnessing a real victory of the revolution and its demands.

11:59am Mixed responses to the military's second statement. In Tahrir sq, tens of thousands express disappointment over the lack of new substance in the communique and the army's seemingly continued neutral stance.

11:48am Armed Forces Supreme Coucil says it will guarantee the implementation of all promised changes to the system of government, and the transition to a full democracy.

11:46am Armed Forces Supreme Council issues Communmique #2: calls for end of emergency laws immediately after current protests end.

11:21am Armed Forces Supreme Council sends text messages saying it is now meeting to study the situation and will issue an important commumnique soon. The same message was sent over 9 hours ago.

11:15am Demonstrators pouring into Tahrir Square from every direction. Largest demonstrations expected to begin after Friday prayers, around 1pm.

11:05am Protestors surround State Television Building entrance. Reports indicate they are preventing employees from entering.

11:00am Anti-Mubarak chants could still be heard from Tahrir Square at 6am, after Mubarak's televised address last night outraged protestors.

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