Israel destroys spying devices in Gaza

Saleh Naami , Sunday 24 Apr 2011

Israeli planes destroy audio-visual spying devices in Gaza, sources tell Ahram Online

The Israeli air force destroyed audio-visual spying devices after they were discovered by the Palestinian resistance, Palestinian sources told Ahram Online.

The sources allege that a few days ago, a number of objects in sand hills in the south of Gaza City sparked the curiosity of Palestinian resistance affiliates as they passed by.

The resistance’s leadership was informed and technological experts were sent to the site. They became certain that the objects were Israeli spying devices, the sources explained.

They had started to move the devices when the driver received a phone call from Israeli intelligence elements calling on him to abandon the car within three minutes before it is bombed from the air.

The sources emphasised that just as the driver and his partner abandoned the car, an unmanned reconnaissance plane destroyed the vehicle they were driving damaging the devices.

The resistance is convinced that Israel has planted hundreds of devices similar to these in the Gaza Strip.

After Israel began dismantling its settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005, the US and European media speculated that the Israeli occupation forces had implanted numerous spying devices in the area, the sources noted.

Hezbollah recently uncovered a large number of Israeli device lodged in the Lebanese mountains.

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