Oldest woman in south Sudan votes

Asmaa El-Husseini in Juba, Thursday 13 Jan 2011

South Sudan's capital bore witness Thursday as the Rebecca Kadi, believed to be the oldest woman in the South added her vote to the historic referendum

Rebecca Kadi
Rebecca Kadi, center, whose granddaughter Sarah Madi, not visible, says is 115 years old, receives assistance to cast her ballot in southern Sudan's independence referendum in Juba (Photo: AP)

Rebecca Kadi Lourborunq, believed to be the oldest woman in southern Sudan at 115 years of age, voted in the Sudan referendum on Thursday.

Lourborunq who was wearing a white dress and was seated in a wheel chair, cast her ballot in Juba with the assistance of her grandchildren.

“This is the best day ever in my live!” she said.

About four million Southern Sudanese voters began casting their ballots Sunday in a weeklong referendum on independence that is expected to split Africa's largest nation in two.



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