Chicago House Library has original copy of book said to be destroyed in fire last week

MENA, Sunday 25 Dec 2011

The fire at the Egyptian Scientific Institute last week sparked a search for other copies of the rare manuscript throughout the country and the world

Librarian Marie Bryan, manager of Chicago House Library it Luxor, has announced that they have a handwritten copy of the famous book ‘Description De l’Egypt’ and that it is open for researchers and Luxor habitants to read.

Bryan said the copy they have consists of 20 volumes, compiled during the campaign when Napoleon came to Egypt in the eighteenth century by a number of scholars and scientists from a range of disciplines. The book’s full title in English is ‘Description of Egypt: the collection of researches and observations on Egypt during the French campaign.’

Egyptian authorities announced the loss of the original copy of the book in the fire of the Egypt Scientific Institute during the cabinet office clashes, sparking considerable controversy. It has since transpired that there are several printed copies of the book which was published more than 200 years ago.

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