In Photos: Grand Egyptian Museum receives collection of ancient stone reliefs

Nevine El-Aref , Monday 20 Dec 2021

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) has received a collection of 23 artefacts, including large stone reliefs, transported from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and Saqqara and Ismailia archaeological sites.

Grand Egyptian Museum

The objects include a large limestone relief bearing the different titles of the Old Kingdom King Senefru, a relief depicting the monotheistic King Akhenaten and his wife Queen Nefertiti, three Old Kingdom reliefs from the tomb of Raa-Hotep, and two red granite reliefs bearing the image of King Ramses II in the osirion pose and wearing the red crown, according to Altayeb Abbas, antiquities ministry assistant for archaeological affairs.

All the objects were restored before transportation and were packed using the latest scientific methods, Eissa Zidan, executive director for the restoration and transportation of artefacts.

Among the most notable objects is also a collection of 269 pieces of a limestone wall bearing pyramid text for Queen Ankh Isen Pepi. These pieces will be reassembled to form a huge wall in the GEM's main hall.

A collection of painted false doors, offering tables, and a statue of King Amenemhat I from the Ismailia museum have been also transferred, Zidan added.

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